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Eyelash Extensions Services

Natural lash health is our priority at Mosaic Beaudee. Each set of Eyelash Extensions is designed to be safe and damage-free to your natural lashes. Your ideal look can be achieved without jeopardizing lash health.

        We offer Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Eyelash Extensions

Signature Classic Eyelash Extensions

Signature Classic Eyelash Extensions

Full Set- 2hrs. 15 mins*.

Our Classic lash set of Eyelash Extensions is where a single extension is placed on a single natural eyelash. This set is customized and designed based on the shape of your eyes. Classic Lashes gives you the mascara look without the clumping. Instantly enhance your eyes with length, fullness, and curl.

2-3 weeks   75 mins.

4 weeks       90 mins

Anything after 4 weeks is considered a Full Set



* Complimentary consultation included in all new client services


Natural lash health is important even when it comes to removing Eyelash Extensions. A gel-based remover is professionally used to remove Eyelash Extensions. Once removed, clients' lashes are thoroughly cleansed with approved foam-based cleanser, formulated for natural lashes.

Add-on Services

1. Brow Wax

2. Brow and Wax Combo

3. Brow Tint

4. Lash Bath

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