Eyelash Extensions created to look beautiful and complimentary, while being safe and healthy to your natural lash!
Look and Feel Your Personal Best

Mosaic Beaudee, located in Alpharetta/Roswell Ga, specializes in safe healthy eyelash extensions. Proper placement and detailed aftercare instructions, gives you the ability to wear eyelash extensions for as long as you desire. Mosaic Beaudee places one extension per natural lash to ensure natural lashes aren't being damaged.


Helpful tips and advice are offered regarding recommended lash lengths and style, all while taking into consideration, the desired look of the client. You can be sure that, you are receiving quality and precise service during your appointment visits.


Mosaic Beaudee takes pride in knowing beautiful lashes and healthy lashes go hand in hand. You'll be sure to turn heads and have people asking, "How do you get you lashes to look so gorgeous?'

Most Natural Eyelash Extension