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Are Eyelash Extensions damaging?

When applied correctly eyelash extensions are harmless. Natural lashes are still able to grow and experience normal lash cycles/shedding. That is why Mosaic Beaudee takes pride in the consideration of thickness, length, and weight of an extension compared to a client's natural lash. It is also important for clients to take proper care of their extensions after their appointments. Lack of proper care and maintainence can cause issues. Teamwork is required by both Artist and client for Lash Extensions to be safe and damage-free.

How long will my extensions last?

You will notice some extensions begin to shed within about 2 weeks. However, everyone is different. Depending on lash cycles and growth, it is not uncommon to lose up to 5 lashes per day. However, because everyone is different, this number varies by person. Many factors will affect the retention of your lash extensions, including, but not limited to, proper home care, hormones, lifestyle, seasonal change, allergies, and medications. 

How do I properly care for my extensions?

After your initial full set, Mosaic Beaudee recommends cleaning your extensions at least once a day there after. This will help eliminate dirt, oil buildup, and bacteria . Brushing your lashes daily with  disposable mascara wands also prevents twisting and turning of the extensions especially as they start to grow out. Mosaic Beaudee retails an approved lash cleanser that is gentle, safe, and effective enough to use on extensions and natural lashes. Cleansing is highly effective and helps the lash extensions last longer.

Can I wear makeup?

Of course! However, no makeup should be worn around the eye area that contains oils or that is waterproof, as this will cause extensions to fall out quicker. Clients are also advised to clean any makeup residue off every night, using oil-free makeup remover wipes and foaming cleanser.

Will I be able to exercise with Eyelash Extensions?

Yes you can! Mosaic Beaudee still advises clients to give it 24 hrs. before they resume any physical activity. The first day is critical in making sure clients avoid sweat, steam, and makeup. The eyelash extension adhesive is still curing during this time and needs to be undisturbed. After the 24 hrs., you may continue with your everyday routine and cleansing after physical activity.

Other Need To Know Information!


Mosaic Beadee will perform services over another lash studio's work. However, some exceptions do apply. The 'exception' to this rule can only be determined through a consultation. During this consultation Mosaic Beaudee will determine if your extensions from a previous salon is manageable. Mosaic Beaudee recommends booking a TRANSFER FILL appointment, which will allot enough time to determine if your previous extensions are manageable and can be serviced. However, if it is determined that your eyelash extensions need to be removed and replaced, with a new set provided by Mosaic Beaudee, an appointment for a later day and/or time will have to be scheduled. In some cases, time may allow for a new set at that moment, if so, Mosaic Beaudee will proceed with the service.


Eyelash growth serums are common and widely used by women. Sometimes clients may still wish to apply eyelash serums while wearing eyelash extensions. Mosaic Beaudee only recommend serums formulated for lash extensions. Non-approved serums may contain ingredients not compatible with the adhesive, which could cause the adhesive to weaken.

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